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topi akter
Jun 11, 2022
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This article uses the core logic of the growth system + the 3-week category email list workflow of taking over the project + solutions to common problems to sort out a reusable business construction workflow. In addition, this article is written from the perspective of a business leader. It is suitable for business leaders with project stages from 0 to 1, and product managers and operations with more than 2 years of work experience who hope to develop in the category email list direction of business leaders. This year is Dingdang's 3rd year category email list of operation & growth. From 2017 till now, Dingdang has done brand-oriented new media operations in Party A, which is a company trained by the company; worked as a project manager in the user growth service company, and served well-known companies such as Sanlian, Xiaomi, Zhiyin Group, etc.; Design and category email list operation construction of marketing SaaS products from 0 to 1; responsible foreducation company. The companies in these category email list professional experiences include Party A and Party B, start-up companies and listed companies, B2B businesses, B2C and B2B2C businesses, and have worked in operations and product managers. But one thing remains the same: "Every behavior is centered on business growth" During these business experiences, Dingdang also perfected his category email list knowledge system and methodology in business growth, and Year.
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topi akter

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