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rajia rimi
Jun 15, 2022
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If you thought Local Guides' reputation within the local search community couldn't be more tarnished, think again. For some, the designation is the one that really helps weed out Industry Email List spam and fake reviews on Google Maps and Google My Business because these practices are so prevalent among such users. Google My Business product expert Dan Foland Industry Email List of Postali deals with spammers every day. Here's what he had to say about his experiences with Local Guides: "For the average user, the badge displayed by Local Guides appears to be a symbol of trustworthiness, but for those of us who deal with spam and fake reviews on a daily Industry Email List basis, the Local Guide badge Industry Email List is a cue we use to find spammers." “As the criteria for becoming a Local Guide is based entirely on the amount of action taken (rating/reviewing a business, suggesting business changes, etc.) rather than quality, it is extremely common for bad actors become a Local Guide.” Ben Fisher adds, “ Companies selling reviews will create tons of fake accounts, 'fact check' to gain a few levels, then start writing fake reviews because 200-word reviews Industry Email List give more points. So we usually find that fake ads usually contain 3-4 fake Local Guides reviews. And if you look at the profiles of the guides, they look pretty real until you dig in and look at the avatar and the Industry Email List rating models. " Here's a great example of the valuation models Ben mentions, shared with me
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rajia rimi

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